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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  February 4, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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ryan, can you accept andrea's baggage? >> i can accept your baggage. >> whoa! will enjoy a meal at the master steakhouse in beverly hills. meal at the master steakhouse in beverly hills. we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac -- >> it looks like i found my brown-eyed girl. >> and i found my brown-eyed boy. let's go surfing. >> i can't wait to see you in a wet suit.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.isco 49ers emerged from the darkness and
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nearly pull off the greatest super bowl come back in history surging after the lights come back in, inside the super bowl in new orleans, outscoring the 49ers but baltimore shined bright in the end although we are still, very proud of our san francisco 49ers. good morning, everyone. >> i am kristen sze. 49 fans are disney from the super bowl loss but no one is more proud of head coach jim harbaugh than the ravens' winning head coach, john harbaugh, spoke this morning. >> jim is a great competitor and will do what he has always done, come out swinging, he will go back do work and go do work on the draft. no one handles it better than jim harbaugh the best coach in football and the team will be roaring back. >> kind words for his little brother and happening now, the 49ers are making their way home here to the bay area.
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you are look at a live picture of mineta san jose international airport where the charter jet will land this afternoon. look at the fog and clouds. the team is boarding the charter jets in new orleans right now and is expected to land some time early this afternoon and take a bus to the team facility in santa clara. abc7 news reporter is live in san francisco now with a lock at how disappointed fans are reacting. amy? >> kristen, the gray weather fits the mood here perfectly. everyone is gloomy if they are here. it feels empty in the heart of the city. some people are probably playing hooky. there will not be a parade on market street but people say there should be. people are having a lard time deeming with the tough outcome of the game. >> my hat is off to them. i wish we had a parade for them. after two years ago we wondered
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what kind of team then, last year they almost beat the giants and this year they almost won the super bowl. who could ask for more? >> they could have done better and some of the players were whacky near the end i saw a face grabbing, the face grab violation that the referee did not call and that could have been a touchdown for us and we would have won. >> not a lot of people in the office today. maybe they, you know, drank it away last night. but...just quiet over all. >> what kind of mood are people in? >> sad. sad. >> here is a look at the streets last night, the mission district, full of police but not full of partygoers. police were prepared for a celebration and possible rowdiness but it never happened. there were a few troublemakers and they shut them down quickly, though, and made a few arrests and estimate about 25, mostly for public intoxication.
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police call it a peaceful night and fans were this a somber mood. but, now, there is hope we are hearing out here on the streets, people are focusing on next year, they have a lot of faith in this team. >> officials in new orleans have traced the power outage of the superdome to abnormality in their power system which is being investigated. right now, a lot of disappointed 49er fans are returning home. katie marzullo has more from new orleans. >> it is heartbreak city here in new orleans for 49er fans today. look at the front page of the newspaper oillet electrifying, baltimore survivors san francisco's second half surge" a reference to the game and what happened inside the superdome. the lights went out for a full 34 minutes early in the second half. some jokes it was because of the half time performance of beyonce but in the end it was
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abnormality in the system that slipped a breaker which was a turning point in the game. the ravens seemed to loose momentum and the 49ers were inspired and they poured the touchdowns in the second half, i was on the plaza level inside the superdome and it was deafening. niner fans so excited, really, they saw the team had a chance and they could pull it off after being down so much in the first half. as you know, it was not minute to be, niners left with their heads hanging but that is all right, the faithful are not going anywhere. hopefully everyone had a great time in new orleans and enjoyed a great game signing off from new orleans, katie marzullo, for abc7 news. >> the fame set a record for highest ratings in super bowl history. a percent higher than last year. this morning, tebow released the top ten most engaging commercials and we are joined live from the headquarters.
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>> the research is the only second by second research service of 50 ads that aired, they ranked the top ten based on retention, how much people paused and rewinded the dvr and during which commercials. a look into what young at heart residents of a retirement home do after dark got the top spot. the commercial was full of hard partying retirees was the most paused among the users. >> we measure second by second viewing and could tell if the viewers pause, fast forward or rewind and we can see their frequency of doing that, so we measure that to rate our super bowl commercials. >> 30 second ads were $2.8 million a pop but low budget ads chosen by fans are growing in popularity including the second most popular, fee tiring a doritos obsessed goat. >> we see user generated content become part of the story, so the
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doritos goat was a user created ad and people were allowed to create the ad and put them online and have people vote to see which would air. >> millions of fans voted online before the game to s the ending of the 9 the most ad, audi prom. ought integration goes beyond tweeting but to brands wanting to let their customers select what they use. >> it could have been the 34-minute stadium power outages that generated the best advertising, and who can forget beyonce with a record-setting number of viewers watching the super bowl, the audience of 100 millioned was higher degree her -- during her 12 minute long half time show. and a heart warming budweiser commercial or the chrysler two minute long ad. they were longer form ads people could digest them, not like the quick 30-second ads that people
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needed to pause and rewind so that is why the longer forms could be more popular commercials were not on the list. >> thank you very much. beyonce's performance at super bowl was a warm up because today she announced a world tour including the bay area. beyonce's reunion during her half time show ignited fans around the world, the performance generated 5.5 million tweets averaging a quarter million sheets a million. her world tour kicks off april 15 in serbia. she will shake her way into the bay area july 2nd in san jose. >> how long before the tickets sell out? >> probably already sold out. >> a decision in the case of one of san francisco's most popular player of the giants, will romo
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have to go to court? >> but, first, a horrifying tour bus crash in southern california.
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now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ >> we are getting our first look in the daylight of a deadly bus crash that killed at least eight and injured 38 others. the california highway patrol says the but was having brake problems and collided with two other vehicles last night around 6:30 in san bernardino county.
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the investigation continues at this hour. >> the c.h.p. says the accident happened on state route 38. our reporter is there, live, for us. >> good morning. the actual contract site is half a mile up the street from where we are right now live at corner of brian street and highway 38 and this is where caltran has blocked off all traffic northbound because crews are still searching for bodies. according to c.h.p., many of the passengers were thrown from the tour bus. >> a tour bus went off the road a pickup destroyed, victims belongings across the country side. this is the scene where eight people died. according to california highway patrol, the bus was leaning big bareheaded southbound down windy highway 38. >> a tragedy. it is probably one of the worst collisions i've actually witnessed if my career. >> the national transportation
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and safety board is investigating alongside c.h.p.'s multidisciplinary accident investigation team. the coroner spent the overnight carting bodies away. from the air you can see the size and magnitude of the crash site. >> from the ground we can explain how the accident happened. according to c.h.p., the bus first rear ended this black saturn and it lost control and starting rolling down the highway 38 here and it hit this white trailer which was being hauled by this blue pickup which is now just a heap of twisted metal. >> we want to make sure the bus is stable before anyone goes inside the bus. when that happens we will be able to retrieve whatever documentation is inside that bus to help us determine who, exactly, was a passenger in the bus. >> highway 38 has been shut down since around 6:30 sunday when the accident happened. caltran workers manned the roadblock all night.
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>> the vehicles have to be towed and caltran will examine the road to make sure if there is any it needs to be taken care of before it is opened. >> 38 were rushed to local hospitals including the bus driver. he claims the bus brakes failed. >> speed seems to be a factor but we do not know what caused the bus to speed down the mountain road. >> once c.h.p. lets us know whether this accident was caused by a mechanical issue or by human error we will let you know. when it comes to the names of the victims in this accident, they will not be released for some time. c.h.p. is still waiting to get access to the bus to get their hands on the passenger list. a man found shot on a vallejo sidewalk has died. police are looking for the gunman. someone passing by discovered the victim shortly before 2:30
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this morning and called 9-1-1, the man unfortunately died at scene. vallejo police have t released his identity. thousand in richmond the search is underway for a gun man who shot and killed a imagine on pennsylvania avenue, a mile from the richmond bart station. the victim's body was discovered around 3:00 a.m. today the first homicide of the year. >> and counselors are reaching to students after a class made died in a shooting in downtown oakland. mourners placed tributes at a growing memorial at telegraph and 20th street. the 18-year-old attended the local high school and was shot and killed at oakland monthly first friday event. so far police have arrested one person in the case. >> gang violence could be to blame for the fourth homicide of the year. two people were shot around 9:00 last night near the elementary school, and one person died, and
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a second person is in the hospital but is expected to live. police have not yet identified the gunman. >> san jose police are investigating a fire at a marijuana grow house. the fire broke out around midnight. no one was home at time and the fire is believed to have started in an electrical box, the officers found up to 400 marijuana plants inside. the operation used about $4,700 worth of stolen power. >> mike nicco is ahead with the chilly forecast. >> it looks cool outside, too, with the clouds having a hard time and the fog is still out there so we have arrival delays into sfo so good thing the team is coming into san jose or it would an hour delay. a cooler pattern and a chance of rain in the forecast. i will tell you when and how much. >> john kerry says he has big he
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heels to fill. >> and the lead up to
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>> los altos, and petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> one of the san francisco giant world heroes will not face criminal charges. police removed romo from the las vegas airport after a confrontation with t.s.a. agents
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on new year's day. the t.s.a. says he lacked proper identification and argued with the agents. abc7 was told they will not prosecute the case because they lack the resources. >> new secretary of state, john kerry, is reporting for duty, addressing the country's foreign service workers, and he praised his predecessors, hillary clinton, and condoleeza rice. >> can a man actually run the state department? i don't know. as the saying goes, i have big heels to fill. >> and john kerry was sworn in on friday and over the weekend he assured world leaders the united states is committed to peace in the middle east. >> we are certain that a man can do the job of bringing the weather, right? here is mike nicco. >> and spencer and sandy.
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>> equal opportunity. >> we are equal opportunity here. good morning, everyone. hope you are enjoying the day. it is not the brightest day in the world and it could reflect how the 49er fans feel so if you can lift your mood, maybe we can lift the clouds and bring sunshine to the afternoon after putting all that pressure on you. it was a great game, though. we are looking for a look at san francisco, but we cannot see it which is why we have delays at the airport. in san jose, low cloud and visibility is better and the approach is safer under these conditions so they do not have the delays here as sfo. and live doppler 7 hd shows the cloud cover out there and live doppler 7 hd spinning on top of mt. st. helena waiting for the next chance of rain. the northwest flow looks like a summer pattern with the low clouds and the fog this morning but it is taking forever to get
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rid of because of the low sun. still veto a half mile in santa rosa and three miles in oakland and four in hayward and two in san jose so everywhere but fairfield, dealing with the low clouds. the temperatures have been kept mild because of this, in the mid-40's too low 50's. that is all we can get, not much warm from the where we were this morning. mid-to-upper 40's at monterey bay and 50 in gilroy so we have pockets of sunshine this afternoon, and cooler days this week, and that will end with a chance light rain on thursday, and cool showers on friday and the storm is coming down great alaska so that means our hilltops if there is enough moisture left on friday could get a dusting of snow. the temperatures, today, a far cry from where we were last time on friday, we looked at mid-to-upper 60's and now we have mid-to-upper 50's. you can see by the blue the clouds will linger longer and the green is the warmer
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temperature, the 60's, out of the bay area that is where we are seeing it, with fog in monterey bay, the blue is here, and salinas and monterey and outside of that, we are in the low 60's. clouds come back, and we are in the mid to upper 30's inland but san rafael and antioch in the low 40's and 39 at fremont and the low-to-mid 40's and half moon bay could be warmer at 48 degrees. a couple areas of high pressure are undercut by the low blow and the moisture on top of this and we have high clouds so if we try to get the sunshine to breakthrough the low clouds the high clouds will dim it and take away energy so today will be cooler than yesterday. cooler air with this system on tuesday and wednesday and to the west, this storm will bring us wet weather if thursday and friday. it does not look impressive because it is not. it doesn't have much moisture with it. we are talking possibly tenth of an inch, on thursday, and
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scattered showers on friday with highs only in the low 50's. and then slowly warming temperatures for saturday and sunday. >> thank you. happening right now, the academy is honoring the oscar contenders at the lunch on, with 160 oscar nominees gathering for the noon affair that includes jennifer lawrence and naomi watts. can you see who wins right here on february 24. >> an amazing discovery in england, a
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>> coming up at 3:00, robert deniro and bradley cooper and then we are live in santa clara as the niners return home to fans after coming up just short after one of the best come backs in super bowl history. and our news at 5:00, the stage relaxes algebra requirements raising weapons about college graduation rates. >> archaeologist found the remains of a 500-year-old king richard iii who died in a battle the scientists are sure it is him because the d.n.a. matches sample taken from a distant living relative.
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